3-52-23 Sanarudai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
TEL:053-401-7400電話をかける Fax:053-543-9330


Closing Notice


Dear patients:

We want to announce that the Yamaguchi Heart International Clinic will close from May 31.

The staff are satisfied to have served with love for the foreign patients that lives in this region.

We are sorry to break this news, however we will continue our consultation services at “Suzukake Central Hospital”. Even Dr. Yamaguchi and the interpreters will continue working there.

We will give you a summary of your medical record and thus complete the process of medical information transfer.

If it does not suit you or there is difficulty accessing Suzukake Central Hospital, please let us know.


Information: Suzukake Central Hospital

Direction: Tajiri-cho, 120-1, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu.  432-8054.

Tel: 053-443-0111     Fax: 053-443-0112   Info: 053-443-0177


Attention time (reception:13:00~16:30)

Attention from 2022, July

Monday and Tuesday: 13:00~17:00    Dr. Yamaguchi

Wednesday to Friday: 13:00~17:00   Dr. Suzuki Kazuya

Dr. Suzuki Kazuya , Wed and Fri it’s also available in the morning

On june attention only Wednesday to Friday

Also new patients are welcome.

Consultations will be totally reserved.


Golden Week Holiday


We will be closed from Wednesday, April 27th until Thursday, May 5th.