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A message from the Director

A message from the Yamaguchi Heart International Clinic Director

I established MAF (Hamamatsu Medical Aid For Foreigners) with my colleagues in 1996, and have been carrying out free medical checkups for foreigners since.
Although we found abnormalities in more than half of the patients, due to their circumstances, they weren’t able to receive a secondary medical checkup or a more thorough examination.
I wanted to remedy this situation to help everyone. As a solution, I opened this “Yamaguchi Heart International Clinic” for both Japanese and foreigners who are busy during weekdays and only have time to come to the clinic on the weekends.
In our city of Hamamatsu, there is asubstantial and  diverse population of foreigners living here, including Brazilians, Peruvians, Filipinos, Chinese among others.

Have to find a way to accommodate foreigners by respecting their respective cultures to create a future in Hamamatsu. We want to help build a more accommodating Hamamatsu by taking into consideration our patients’ culture and giving them the proper respect.

The Goals of the Yamaguchi Heart International Clinic

  • We strive to earn trust by providing kind and conscientious medical treatment.
  • Our clinic is available on Saturday and Sunday for Japanese and foreigners who are not available on weekdays.
  • There are three interpreters for Portuguese, Spanish and English (Nepalese speakers are welcome as well).
  • Our treatments are available for everyone regardless of  nationality and health care coverage. (i.e.those who do not have health insurance)
  • Our clinic is well equipped for quick diagnosis.
  • We work in cooperation with Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Hamamatsu Medical Center, Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital, the Enshu hospital, Seirei Mikatahara General Hospital, Rosai(workmen’s-accident hospital), Suzukake Central Hospital, among others.

Director, Takaji Yamaguchi M.D. Ph.D

I have more than 45 years’ in clinical experience including Tokyo University Hospital,  Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, 13 years as a medical practitioner and 2 years in Nepal as a voluntary activity staff member.
I have also been acting as chairman of the board of directors of the NPO Buddha Foundation Japan since 2001.

M.D. Takaji Yamaguchi bibliography

Born in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken
Graduated from Nagano-ken Matsumoto Fukashi high school
Graduated from University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine
Trained in internal medicine, anesthesia, general surgery, and chest surgery.
1974 University of Tokyo hospital-in-affiliation chest surgery assistant
-also visited Japan National Children’s Hospital temporarily
1977 Hamamatsu University School of Medicine -the first department of surgery
engaged in establishing a new university, created courses in circulatory organ system, medical examination, and training).
1989 Established “Yamaguchi Heart Clinic” in Hamamatsu-shi, Nippashi-cho.
2006 Emigrated to Nepal.
2010 Established “Yamaguchi Heart International Clinic” in Sanarudai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan.



Simplification of medical treatment.

  • Developed PTPV: 経静脈性肺動脈弁切開術, heart operation without opening breast. Presented in the international cardiovascular surgery society in Monte Carlo. Won and received a “Grant-in-aid-scientific-research” subsidiary from the Ministry of Education in Japan.
  • 2. Developed Boring catheter for coronary endoarterectomy,  received Mitsui Corporation public-welfare-work subsidiary.
  • The Ministry of Education Test and Research: Application of magnetic fluid to the surgical treatment.
  • 4. Research with multiple corporations: 薬物担体としてのW/O/Wエマルジョン

Social activities

  • Established MAF Hamamatsu: Medical Aid for Foreigners Hamamatsu and conducted free medical checkups for foreigners.
    In October 1996, the initial  free health consultation and medical checkups for foreigners were held by the Rotary Club and “HERUSUNO-KAI”. In the following year, the “Hamamatsu foreigner medical relief meeting”, which is a volunteer organization, was established. Since then, these free health consultations and medical checkups for foreigners have been held over 16 times every year until 2012. Dr. Yamaguchi,  has been strong contributor  to this activity , now serving as its chairman.
  • Established “Buddha fundation” to support Nepal.
    He established the Nepal aid agency “Buddha fund” in 2001, developed self-sustainable activities such as medical treatments, education, industry, and women’s independence support. It became the very first certified NPO in  Shizuoka prefecture. He also established Buddha hospital in Pokhara city, and a coffee plantation supported by the school, as well as a “moving child library” in 2012 ( where he donated a “Niimi-go” van as the “moving child library”).

Public titles

Hamamatsu medical association director, clinical professor of Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, and successive service as a member of Shizuoka multicultural coexistence society promotion committee.
2010 Received “the 63rd Health Culture Prize award” from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, NHK, Asahi newspaper, Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance company for his establishment and proactive participation of MAF Hamamatsu.
2012 Received “Service Above Self Award” from the Rotary International Club for his aggressive social service participation and international voluntary activity.